Alfaisal University medical Graduate Receives the Rising Star Award by American-Based Organization

Alfaisal University, College of Medicine graduate and medical intern Zainab Ifthikar was awarded the Rising Star Award 2022 by the Sri Lanka Foundation International, USA. She was recognized for her philanthropic endeavors through her NGO, the MEI Foundation, as well as her two published books “Poverty Is Not Passivity” and “Panacea Is Possible.” Zainab was also recognized through this award for her leadership roles, extracurricular involvement, and academic achievements.

Sri Lanka Foundation Int is an organization that was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles, California by well-renown Sri Lankan-American physician and philanthropist Dr. Walter Jayansinghe.

Their esteemed Sri Lanka Foundation Awards Ceremony was held on the 13th of November 2022 at the Millenium Hotel Biltmore, Los Angeles. In her ceremony speech Zainab mentioned her love for her motherland and what she hopes to continue doing for the future of her country. She fondly and proudly mentioned Alfaisal University in her speech, highlighting how the platform it had given her had contributed to her growth and achievements as a doctor and leader. Zainab also thanked the Dean of College of Medicine, Prof. Khaled Al-Kattan and Vice Dean Dr. Akef Obeidat for their constant support and guidance for the CoM student body.

Other awards given at the ceremony were the Lifetime Achievement Award, Outstanding Performance by a Young Professional, and the Srimerican award to name a few. Amongst the awardees were physicians, scientists, athletes, entertainers, and philanthropists from across the United States and abroad.