King Saud University Civil Engineering delegation visit to the Saudi Contractors Authority

In continuation of the existing cooperation between the College of Engineering at King Saud University and public and private bodies concerning training students and providing engineering consultancy and teaching to engineers, a delegation of members of the Civil Engineering Department headed by the Head of the Department, Dr Yousef Alharbi, and the membership of Professor Ibrahim Alhammad, Dr Abdulaziz Alsaif and Dr Muhammad Almannaa, visited the headquarters of the Saudi Contractors Authority in Riyadh on Wednesday, March 4, 2021 G.

The Authority’s presented its plans and objectives to raise the level of performance of the contracting sector within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as there at least 2 million engineers, technicians and labours currently working in this sector. The delegation also took a tour around the authority’s departments, including: the training academy centre, the Information centre, the management of the annual conferences centre and the Initiatives centre.

The delegation also briefed the Secretary-General of the Saudi Contractors Authority, Engr. Thabet bin Mubarak Al Sweid, on the postgraduate programs of the Civil Engineering Department and the College of Engineering as well, and what the department can provide in terms of advisory services, workshops and training. Eventually, it was agreed to communicate between the two parties in the future to continue and develop their collaboration.


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